Sunday, February 19, 2017

Looking for a simple substantiated answer from His Majesty King Salman

Looking for a simple substantiated answer from His Majesty King Salman The federal government via Datuk Seri Abdul Rahman Dahlan, Minister in the Prime Minister Department has announced as published in the star newspaper dated 16th February 2017 that King Salman from Saudi Arabia will be officially visiting Malaysia soon. If we could recalled many years back Prince Al Waleed visited Malaysia to receive 2 honorary doctorates within 24 hours from 2 locally established international university simultaneously at the same special convocation handing over a small million dollar donation to both universities. However, King Salman upcoming visit not long after our Election Commission has started calling for general election preparation tender as advertised and published by the mainstream media in February 2017, will raise several interesting questions. Is His Majesty King Salman visit meant to neutralize an unsolved mysteries of the highest money laundering multiple criminal cases in the whole wide world that has captured global media attention without fails every now and then? If this is the case, then many would eagerly awaits for His Majesty explanation about the gigantic donation that only person with unsoundness of mind would believes. When there is already legally established money trails of the fund movement as highlighted in global courts including Singapore and Switzerland in addition to the DOJ US specific explanation, how the hell that His Majesty is going to explain the huge donation. Will he simply says that he know nothing about it as it was during the late King Abdullah time. For the amount of this nature His Majesty cannot claim to be ignorant. Next how the amount ended up into one individual several personal accounts. The money trails established in Singapore and Swiss courts were crystal cleared and what sort of explanation available for His Majesty to explain the huge amount ending up into individual accounts—perhaps despatch physically by air cargo? How come after donating, the donor conveniently passed away when Malaysians were already told of many conflicting versions earlier. Sometimes last year one article by a writer published in discussed in details the more than 50 different reasons given from time to time regarding the huge donation , will His Majesty King Salman be able to analyse and explain all those conflicting reasoning’s in order to confirm that the donation really existed, except maybe it is untraceable-- how it was given ie it suddenly appeared in the individual account just like that. ‘Ram-ram Muharram’ as uttered by a Magician in the late Tan Sri Dr P Ramlee movie, Gerimis. Perhaps in order to go ahead conducting 14th General Election, bringing His Majesty King Salman is part of the agenda to exploit his official visit into putting word in His Majesty mouth that His Majesty will not dare to reply as a mark of respect to the host. In this respect who are actually advising King Salman of Saudi Arabia to agree to go ahead with this official visit when our general election was reportedly said to be around the corner. King Salman should be a bit smart in questioning his group of advisors and should weight his official visit from many angle in details. Will the King want to see that his name being used during the General Election campaigning as endorsing the super mad donation? Will King Salman being able to confirm that some amount of the donation was returned? If so, how? Where is the money trails in returning the donation or was it done physically by air cargo or merely by 12 luggage carried into private jets? Many endless questions perhaps for global media to ask King Salman while our local mainstream local media might be afraid to ask. Perhaps at least King Salman private meets with Saudis staying in Malaysia will be able to shed some lights to all these issues if no discussion were held on the issue when His Majesty attended special convocation ceremony. His Majesty King Salman should come to Malaysia with intention to help clear the air as most Malaysian believe that those responsible for all the explanation so far were bluntly lying to Malaysians and the whole world. No wonder we need communist leader and communist nation to rescue our economy at their unknown terms. Those foreign direct investment term and conditions coming from China should be made available to all Malaysian particularly Members of Parliament to scrutinise and any susbsidiary legislation taking away the power of Dewan Rakyat should be repealed by Parliament itself or declared null and void by the court. How about His Majesty begin his meeting with speaking completely in Arabic to the host requesting to do away with the translators. As a Muslim nation, the host should be able to recite Al Quran, how about His Majesty handing over his own copy of Al Quran and pick at random any Surah for the host to recite for a good two to three minutes. This practice is common when visiting His Excellency Saudi Ambassador thus there is no reason for Malaysia No 1 leader to escape doing so. King Salman should be explaining as to why Saudi is now borrowing money including selling bonds as widely reported in global business media after they have apparently donated more than USD680 million more so after they reportedly got back some of the donation. King Salman should do some small briefing on those claiming to be related with Saudi royalty doing business with the Malaysian government. How genuine are they, what is King Salman response? How about King Salman inviting his host to do Solat Tahajud and Tasbih berjemaah at any of His Majesty chosen location in Malaysia. All these Ibadah although Sunat should be no excuse for the host to avoid being a leader of supposedly a Muslim country. How about the King demanded a completely audited account of what happened to the donation? At least, it would be an interesting topic to be chatting about over dinner until Qiyammulai time. Al Jazeera, BBC, CNN, Channel News Asia etc should be closely following up on these endless unsolved insane mysteries during His Majesty King Salman official visit, without fear or favour, InshaaAllah. Last but not least, looking forward for much more bigger donation since His Majesty is coming physically on official visit to Malaysia . I supposed it is not a difficult favour to ask since the last time Saudi donated was when His Majesty the late King Abdullah was staying put in his palace and yet managed to donate such unthinkable sum. Wallahualam.Res Ipsa Loquitor. Dr Syed Iskandar Syed Jaafar Al Mahdzar Advocate & Solicitor Kuala Lumpur

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