Thursday, March 31, 2011

Workshop kenapa wang kita amat bernilai sekali zaman 70an dulu sekalipun hanya punyai 30 sen dlm poket berbanding tahun 2011

Lokasi: Tower 2 Petronas KLCC Fee: RM890 seorang 9/5/2011 Isnin. Apakah cara caranya mengembalikan nilai matawang kita kepada lebih baik daripada dahulu. Fee juga boleh di bayar dgn 1 dinar emas dan bakinya dalam RM e-mail:

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Islamic Banking & Finance 1432 Hijrah Workshop 3/5/2011 Tuesday, Tower 2 Petronas KLCC

Limited to 20 participants only. Certificate issued. Lunch Included. Surau within the tower. Attend and be in touch with reality. RM690 per person and RM490 per students with matric card. e-mail

Friday, March 18, 2011

How To Gain Maximum Experience During Chambering Workshop 4/5/2011 Wednesday The Intermark KL

To all law students from any IPTA's and IPTS's--your course leader was admitted to the bar on 23/8/1991 at Messrs Kadir Tan & Ramli (now known Kadir Andri & Partners).
To attend, there is a special rate for students RM330 per person, please e mail

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Crucial Issues in Islamic Banking & Finance Workshop 1432 Hijrah Tower 2, Petronas KLCC Tuesday 3/5/2011

Obtain the latest crucial issues on Islamic Banking & Finance via this workshop. Group discounts for 3 or more persons from the same organization and Student Rate for IPTA's students. Maximum perticipants for this workshop--limited to 20 persons per Workshop only. Enquire: Lunch included. Certificate will be issued.Surau within the tower.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dinar and Dirham launched by the Perak MB last monday

The elegant dinar and dirham was officially launched and the Perak dinar is said to be 99.9% gold and on the opening day last monday 1 dinar was sold at RM690. The event was held at the state secretariat building in Ipoh was attended by several VVIPs but the notable one from the Islamic world was Tan Sri Prof Mohd Kamal Hasan. The Perak MB also handed over the dinar to the first 5 customers and subsequently launched the latest book by Prof Kamil and ended with a bried entertainment by Rabbani and Maher Zain where guest were lead to level 2 for lunch and Zohor.